Granite is a very hardy stone with immence beauty. It doesn’t stain or develop scratches easily which makes it ideal for kitchens.Granite can suffer a considerable amount of wear and tear. It lasts for ages and only need to be sealed every once in a while and doesn’t require a huge amount of care. Slabs granite counters are literally sliced from quarries, cut to size, and honed down until they are smooth.

  • Urban Cream

    Urban Cream

  • Tigris Sand

    Tigris Sand

  • Niebla


  • Negra Tebas

    Negra Tebas

  • Marengo


  • Lyra


  • Kensho


  • Calypso


  • Bianco River

    Bianco River

  • Viscon White

    Viscon White

  • Meera White

    Meera White

  • Aspen White

    Aspen White

  • Mayflower


  • Ivory Fantasy

    Ivory Fantasy

  • Colonial Gold

    Colonial Gold

  • Colonial Beige Block

    Colonial Beige Block