Granite is one of the hardest and most durable of all stones used in flooring. The speckled colorations found in granite is a beautiful and subtle fine pattern of colour. Polishing the granite adds a visible sheen and depth to each tile. Like marble, no two pieces are the same and the colour variations add to the natural appeal and beauty of granite.

  • New Rustenburgh

    New Rustenburgh

    R412.50 m2
  • Black River

    Black River

    R537.50 m2
  • Venus Grey

    Venus Grey

    R973.75 m2
  • Venus Grey

    Venus Grey

    R1,030.00 m2
  • Venus Grey

    Venus Grey

    R1,030.00 m2
  • Santa Monica

    Santa Monica

    R436.25 m2
  • Speckled White

    Speckled White

    R398.75 m2
  • Bianca Espera

    Bianca Espera

    R617.50 m2
  • Cinnomon Beige

    Cinnomon Beige

    R342.50 m2