Some are calling it the great moral dilemma of our time. One that has been debated as often over bar counters as it has inside boardrooms. A question as prudent as it is polarizing. We’re finally tackling the issue at the base of every construction plan. Is installing marble tiles an eco-friendly choice? Now, before we proceed, it is not my intention to ostracize our carpet and/or vinyl owning readers, of which there are surely plenty. I only seek to bring clarity to this oft discoursed topic.

Marble tiles are constructed, as you might’ve guessed, from marble.

They are therefore a natural material. Now, in the case of Mother Nature vs. Green House Gasses, this bit of information usually bodes well for the former. A sharp-minded reader like yourself might be quick to point out that wood, too, is a natural material and therefore equally as owing to the title of Miss Eco-Friendly Floor Tile 2017. And you’d be correct, well, correct in the sense that wood is in fact a natural material, however the crown, sorry Miss Colombia, still belongs to marble tiles.

Now I imagine some of you might be thinking, “Are you sure there hasn’t been a terrible mistake, Mr Harvey?” No there hasn’t, and I’ll explain why. When utilizing a material, there are usually a few added processes to take into consideration before the giant Oak in your garden or the marble slab in Turkey becomes the floor you walk on, day in and day out. These processes must therefore form a part of the toxic waste liability of said finished product. It is on this basis that marble reigns supreme. While floor types like, carpet, vinyl and even wood use some pollutant chemicals and machinery during their production, marble, does it all au natural. Unlike its competitors, the marble production process is relatively waste free. Marble slabs need only be cut and buffed down in to slabs sizable enough to be laid down and set in place.

Now before you set alight that construction plan for your new carpeted bedroom (or gently place it in the recycle bin labelled “paper”) and resort to sleeping under an actual leaf, I suggest you consider a few things. This is only a relative measure, and generally speaking, no floor type is singlehandedly killing the planet (unless of course your floor is literally made up of burning tyres). There have been, to my knowledge, no published academic papers linking the melting ice caps to the lovely oak wood floors in your condo. In other words, you are free to select whichever floor tile best suits your fancy and not feel solely responsible for the global environmental crisis.

This article seeks only to take a holistic view of the entire flooring process while examining their comparative effects on the environment.

In this regard, marble tiles comes out on top. So if you are the kind of person who drives their Prius the extra mile to find their local recycling station, stopping by the organic food market on the way back, then that dream house you’ve been thinking of would look great with a marble finish.